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Although the triple board certified facial plastic surgeon never injects free silicone, he is one of the few facial plastic surgeons in the world that is tremendously experienced at removing it. If you’re suffering from the repercussions of silicone injections, he may be able to help.

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Over the years people have sought ways to improve their appearance without going under the knife. Injected Silicone, as well as Bio-Alcamid™, seemed to be the answer to many people’s quest in finding an almost permanent nonsurgical way of reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and plumping areas of the face and body for a more voluptuous look. Today, many of those people are now realizing the negative effects these products are having on their appearance and their life. Although many people have had successful results, more and more people are now realizing that these materials can migrate, metastasize or result in pain, swelling, and disfiguration. Because of this, Dr. Harrison Lee offers facial silicone removal at both his Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) and NYC (Manhattan, New York) plastic surgery practices.

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Dr. Harrison Lee is well known for his skills in removing both Silicone and Bio-Alcamid™ from injected sites ranging from the face and breast area. His skills and success in this area were a featured segment on the television show “EXTRA”.

His patients, ranging from celebrities to homemakers, seek his expertise in silicone removal to improve the often unflattering appearance that can result when the injectable shifts from the original injection site. International patients also consult with him regarding the removal of Bio-Alcamid™, a facial injectable touted as a permanent filler.

“Around December /November I had permanent filler done on my face by a Brazilian Dr in New york. She is a real Dr. who comes to NY twice a year to inject what she calls bioplastique, which is a permanent filler approved in the European Union (but i think she lies and charges an arm and a leg for silicone). Anyway, in November I went to see this Brazilian dr because i wanted a touch up since my cheekbone looked uneven. he ended up putting too much and then to compensate because my cheeks looked huge (i already have high cheekbones) she put it all over the place. Well, overnight i went from pretty to ugly with a huge face. to make matters worse, my face some days would swell up making me look even rounder. I went as far as to see her in Brazil, in an act of denial and desperation, to try and get rid of it. well of course she couldn’t get rid of it with a simple injection. i think she was trying to get rid of my own fat by injecting my face with steroid injections! Anyway, when i left Brazil i was desperate and hopeless. I didn’t know what to do. i began to research doctors, but nobody was willing to help me. A dr who specializes in silicone/filler removal told me he couldn’t help me because i had filler on my cheeks and during the removal process i risked nerve damage. After this consultation, i felt i wanted to die. i seriously did not want to live with that face because it looked asymmetrical, weird and unnatural, like a scarlet letter. On the same day, I contacted dr. Lee. I asked Susan, his assistant, if i could have a consultation over the phone with Dr. Lee because I was really sad and depressed and needed to know if i could be helped. She arranged the consultation and Dr Lee called me on the same day, as soon as he had a break. I fell in love with him from the moment I spoke with him. He was confident, he said he had done hundreds of these procedures (which i believe because he and another guy in Miami are the only Drs who specialize in silicone removal, but I liked Dr lee and Susan, so i chose him) and that nerve damage was unlikely given his expertise. He said he would use a deep plane facelift technique to go in between the various layers of skin and muscle to remove the filler. Well, i scheduled the surgery a few days later and I am so glad i did! I had no nerve damage whatsoever, (and dr. lee said filler was all over the place) and he removed most of the ugly filler. I was swollen for a very long time (this is an invasive procedure, so don’t expect to look good two weeks later). It has now been almost six months and i look like myself again! Dr Lee is a surgical genius. he saved my mental sanity and my life. I will be forever grateful to him. I am writing this review to help people who are dealing with permanent filler issues because it is so difficult to find a dr to trust and who has the skills to do this complicated surgery..” ~ RealSelf

As a result of his outstanding reputation in this area, Dr. Lee is one of the most sought-after surgeons worldwide for Silicone and Bio-Alcamid™ removal.

Dr. Harrison Lee is trained to the highest possible standards in facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery and has gained worldwide recognition in his field. His patients not only trust his professional judgment and extensive experience, they feel cared for as individuals. Dr. Lee is a sensitive and caring plastic surgeon who will meet with you personally at your consultations and explain in detail what can be achieved with plastic surgery and what you can expect before, during, and after surgery. If you would like to schedule a consultation with the best in class facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Harrison Lee, at either his Beverly Hills or NYC plastic surgery practice please feel free to contact us.

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