Forehead (Brow Bone) Reduction Plastic Surgeon NYC & Beverly Hills

Forehead reduction surgery (frequently referred to as brow bone reduction or brow bone contouring surgery) is performed on men with an extremely prominent brow bone or as part of facial feminization surgery. This procedure surgically reduces the height and protrusion of the forehead. Dr. Harrison Lee performs forehead reduction surgery at both his Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) and Manhattan (NYC) plastic surgery practices.

For male brow bone reduction surgery patients this procedure will reduce an over-masculine or “Neanderthal appearance” and restore a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The surgery will result in a brow bone that is in proportion with the other facial feature. Additionally, where significant hairline recession or male pattern hair loss has occurred, a forehead reduction is often elected as an alternative to hair transplant surgery, which requires multiple sessions over a longer period of time before achieving comparable results.

For facial feminization surgery patients, the forehead/ brow ridge bone contouring procedure will alter the masculine appearance around the forehead and upper eye areas and result in feminizing the features. Forehead contouring & reduction surgery for FFS patients involves shaping the forehead bones and orbital bones to remove the masculine ridge, open up the appearance of the eyes, and create a more naturally feminine and softer appearance.

“The best plastic surgeon EVER!!! He knows the structure of the face, and is excellent with the shaving of bones in the forehead and jaw/chin!!!” ~ RealSelf

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Forehead reduction surgery is a procedure that is tailored to the unique aesthetic goals of the patient and can be accomplished through a variety of different methods depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Brow Bone Reduction Surgery May Involve

Please note: The surgical technique which is best suited to your goals will be determined during your consultation

  • Surgical Brow Bone Shaving: With this technique, excessive amounts of bone can just be surgically “shaved”
  • Shaving & Filing: With this technique, the brow bone is surgically shaved and filed
  • Reconstruction Surgery: This technique involves removing and remodeling the brow bone
  • Reconstruction and Filing: This technique involves reconstructing the brow bone in addition to filing the brow bone

*Brow bone reduction surgery is commonly combined with brow lift surgery.

Dr. Harrison Lee is trained to the highest possible standards in facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery and has gained worldwide recognition in his field. His patients not only trust his professional judgment and extensive experience, they feel cared for as individuals. Dr. Lee is a sensitive and caring plastic surgeon who will meet with you personally at your consultations and explain in detail what can be achieved with plastic surgery and what you can expect before, during, and after surgery. If you would like to schedule a consultation with the best in class facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Harrison Lee, at either his Beverly Hills or NYC plastic surgery practice please feel free to contact us.

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