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Forehead Reduction Model

Brow Bone Reduction In Beverly Hills, CA

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Brow bone reduction is a type of plastic surgery that involves reshaping or reducing the size of the brow ridge, which is the bony prominence above the eyes. This procedure is also sometimes called forehead contouring or forehead reduction surgery.

During the procedure, a surgeon will make incisions along the hairline or behind the hairline (coronal), and then remove or reshape the underlying bone to create a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing forehead contour. The procedure is often done for cosmetic reasons, to create a more feminine or softer appearance in individuals with prominent brow bones.

Forehead Reduction Model

What Is Brow Bone Reduction Surgery?

For male brow bone reduction surgery recipients, this procedure effectively diminishes an overly masculine or “Neanderthal appearance,” restoring a more aesthetically pleasing visage. The surgery ensures that the brow bone harmoniously aligns with the other facial features. In cases of significant hairline recession or male pattern hair loss, individuals often opt for a hairline advancement as an alternative to hair transplant surgery. This option proves advantageous as it yields comparable results without the need for multiple sessions over an extended period.

Conversely, in facial feminization surgery (FFS) cases, the forehead/brow ridge bone contouring procedure serves to transform the masculine attributes around the forehead and upper eye areas, fostering a more feminine appearance. Brow bone contouring and reduction surgery for FFS patients encompass the meticulous shaping of the forehead and orbital bones. This technique effectively reduces the masculine ridge, enhances the openness of the eyes, and contributes to a naturally softer and more feminine aesthetic.

What Are the Benefits of Brow Bone Reduction Surgery?

Brow Bone reduction surgery can reshape, contour, and minimize a large or masculine brow bone. For many FFS patients, forehead reduction surgery is a crucial procedure that can feminize the face unlike any other. Other benefits include how this procedure:

  • Creates a feminine facial appearance
  • Reduces projection of the brow bone and, in some cases, the orbital rims
  • Smooths the forehead
  • Creates a more unified appearance
  • Balances out facial proportions
  • Achieves natural results
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What Are My Brow Bone Reduction Options?

Brow Bone reduction surgery is a procedure tailored to the patient’s unique aesthetic goals and can be accomplished through various methods, depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals.
The surgical technique best suited to your goals will be determined during your consultation.

Brow Bone Reduction Surgery May Involve

Surgical Brow Bone Shaving

With this technique, excessive amounts of bone are surgically shaved.

Shaving & Filing

With this combination technique, the brow bone is surgically shaved and filed.

Reconstruction Surgery

This technique involves removing and remodeling the brow bone.

Reconstruction and Filing

This technique involves reconstructing the brow bone in addition to filing the brow bone.

Forehead Reduction Model

How Is Brow Bone Reduction Surgery Performed?

Most brow bone  reduction surgical procedures will be performed under general anesthesia for optimum comfort. The position of the incision will be determined by your facial anatomy and the technique used, as well as if you are combining your procedure with another, such as hairline advancement surgery.

If significant brow reduction is needed, Dr. Lee may need to remove part of the brow bone, reshape it, and replace it which is referred to as a Type 3 Brow Bone Reconstruction. Additionally, Dr. Lee may need to reduce the lateral orbital rims (the bones around the outside of the eyes), effectively softening and feminizing the upper brow area.

How Long is Brow Bone Reduction Surgery Recovery?

The recovery duration after brow bone reduction surgery is individualized, contingent on several factors including your innate healing process, the specific techniques employed, and the potential inclusion of combined procedures.

Typically, patients commonly experience mild pain, swelling, and bruising within the initial days post-surgery. However, effective management through prescribed pain medication is available. In general, many patients find themselves able to resume their regular daily activities approximately four weeks after the procedure.

When Will I See My  Brow Bone Reduction Surgery Results?

The results of brow bone  reduction surgery may be immediately visible following surgery. Most will notice a flatter brow surface. However, swelling and bruising may make it difficult to see dramatic results for several weeks, especially if you have undergone multiple surgeries at once.

The full results of your brow bone reduction should become visible after several months and will continue to improve as you fully heal. You will be able to enjoy a smoother, more appealing forehead and brow bone.

  • Will my brow bone reduction surgery leave scars?

    In many cases, Dr. Lee will conceal the surgery incision within the hairline. As your incision heals, you may have a small scar, but your hair should eventually grow in through the scar. Scars for brow bone reduction surgery are commonly easily hidden by the hair.

  • Is brow bone reduction surgery painful?

    The brow bone reduction procedure will be performed under general anesthesia for optimum comfort. You will feel no pain during the operation. While you may feel some discomfort in the early stages of your recovery, the brow bone is generally a treatment area with less pain than other areas. Your recovery should be manageable with pain medication.

  • Will my brow bone reduction results be permanent?

    Yes. Shaving the brow bone will be a permanent procedure. The bone will not grow back.

  • When can I wash and dye my hair after my forehead reduction surgery?

    You may carefully wash your hair one week after your procedure, depending on your incision location. You should wait at least 6 weeks before coloring your hair, as the chemicals involved may irritate your incision site. Always check with Dr. Lee to be sure.


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