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Dr. Lee is an amazing plastic surgeon. He is precise, honest and very good at what he does. He absolutely exceeded my expectations of what a plastic surgeon and plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hill should be. I had some concerns on the weekend a week out and I got a call back immediately from him and he made me feel like I shouldn’t feel bad for calling. (It turned out to be nothing). I am so happy with my surgical outcome! The nurses are wonderful, and the surgery center is beautiful. ~ YELP

I had a facelift from Dr. Lee a few years ago and it still looks amazing. I never had a single bruise from the procedure and I still look so naturally young. I’m now 49 and look to be in my mid-30’s. Dr. Lee’s bedside manner is extremely caring and genuine. A wonderful surgeon, a wonderful man. ~ YELP

Patient Reviews

Dr. Lee gave me my confidence back! Thank you. The results of my facelift are amazing!!! ~ Vitals

I am now entering almost a year after surgery and every thing has turned out to look absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be going in for more! Dr. Lee, thank you sooooo much again for the confidence boost that I will take with me through this lifetime. You truly are the best. ~ YELP

Amazing results! Over the years Dr. Lee has performed neck lift, face lift, liposuction and blepharoplasty on me. Very pleased with everything! And it doesn’t look done! Also, he has very professional and super considerate staff! ~ YELP

have seen Dr. Lee for fillers, botox, lip implants, lower and upper blephroplasty, and a bi-temporal eye lift. I was more than pleased with each procedure Dr. Lee performed. He knew EXACTLY what I wanted just by talking to him and showing him pictures. Each procedure he did looks so natural that no one knows I had surgery. ~ Vitals

Dr. Harrison Lee did surgery on both my mom and me. Not only is he a great surgeon but he takes care of his patients. My mom had an issue with one of her surgery sites and without hesitation he helped her and fixed the issue. He went above and beyond with my surgery to make sure I healed correctly. He work is AMAZING, I had breast augmentation and they look fantastic, they look so real! I am so happy I did this surgery and even happier Dr. Lee did it. I highly recommend Dr. Lee. ~ YELP

Truly an amazing plastic surgeon – one of the best in Beverly Hills. ~ RateMDs

Dr. Lee is one of the best surgeons I know.  I am a nurse that worked with various surgeons and have been taking care of patients for a over 13 years.  He has performed treatments and surgeries on my friends as well as my mother.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else.  He’s honest, nice, informative and doesnt make you feel uncomfortable or rushed during a consultation or prior to a procedure.  He takes his time and really does great work.  I hope he doesnt retire when it comes time for me to have facial surgery when i’m older.  My mom also thanks you…she is very happy with her results. ~ YELP

Dr. Lee is amazing! I needed his help because I underwent facial feminization surgery with another doctor who made a complete mess of my face. My face was left looking very odd, and there was a lot of damage that needed to be repaired. I needed a really good surgeon who could give me the results I originally wanted while fixing the damage. After contacting several surgeons, Dr. Lee was recommended to me. I am so happy I met him! He is one of the most skilled surgeons I have ever seen! He reconstructed the damaged parts of my face, and everything looks very natural. His work was very precise, and I am amazed by his skill. The previous doctor I went to messed up my face so badly that I thought I would end up looking strange even after having my face redone, but Dr. Lee managed to straighten everything out! I am so amazed at what he was able to do. On top of this, he is a very nice person! I could not feel more comfortable with him. I will be having more work done later, and I feel completely confident in him. He really is the best! ~ RealSelf

You are in better than good hands with Dr Lee….highly recommend for facial plastic surgery. ~ Vitals

I went to Dr. Lee to remove silicone injections I had put in my lips over 12 years ago.  My lips were over PLUMPED and asymmetrical.  After an exhausting year long search for a Dr. who actually preformed the procedure of removing silicone, let alone finding someone who was talented in doing so, I landed on Dr. Lee.  My decision to go with Dr. Lee was two fold, saw a few positive blog reviews/yelp reviews, and finally and more importantly I felt comfortable with his beside manner.  I felt he was confident in his abilities without over selling himself, explained what was relevant, etc.  Needless to say, I thank my lucky stars I went to him.  His surgery was a true work of art.  He not only needed to reduce the size of my lips, he had to reform my top, and especially the bottom of my lip in order to help regain symmetry in my lips.  Dr. Lee has given me my smile back!  I also had a great experience with his staff, everyone was competent in their related role, friendly, and busy as his office gets, somehow they remain to stay on schedule.  Thank you, Dr. Lee and Staff!!  Dr. Lee is an artist with doctors credentials! ~ YELP

I am now almost a month post op and let me tell you, going with Dr. Lee was probably one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. I was told many times with plastic surgery that going into it with a positive attitude will make for a positive experience, Dr. Lee, his office team and the hospital team made it easy. At this point, I would not have any other plastic surgeon that was not Dr. Lee, he is patient, kind, courteous and he explained details about my surgery in a way I could completely understand. I have had a lip lift, cheek implants, jaw and chin reduction and submental liposuction (between chin and neck) I am amazed at how quickly I have healed and how confident I am now. I had faith in Dr. Lee going in and as a result he has far exceeded my expectations! I have recommended Dr. Lee to many people and will continue to do so. ~ RateMDs

Dr. Lee has done mine and one of my best friends breast augmentation with breast implants 10 years ago. Just a week ago, I had mine replaced because its about that time.(maintenance) Why go back? He is a true artist with an eye for perfection. Dr. Lee has done a fantastic job making my breast perfect. His staff and him are the most phenomenal, professional, friendly, and ethical people in the business. I would recommend him to all my friends who needs work done. Do your research as I did mine 10 years ago and I am forever be a repeat customer. What makes Dr. Lee different from everyone else out there is that not only is he triple board certified, but he backs up his academic with his experience. Based on my conversation with Dr. Lee on making the decision to go bet. Saline vs Silicone, he has studied the paradigm shift of technological advancement that put me at ease on my concerns of any risks due to cosmetic surgery. In my humble opinion, Dr. Lee is the best surgeon out there for you. What are you waiting for? If you need anything done – go call him up. Thanks Dr. Lee for my perfect breasts! ~ YELP

THE plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who actually cares about you. Natural results.  ~ UCompareHealth

Almost 5 years ago, I had a facelift, neck lift, body contouring, lower eyelids and jaw bone reduction with Dr. Harrison Lee. I couldn’t be happier with his results! He left me with no scars and made surgical suggestions as a true artist should. Dr. Lee actually turned down some of the suggestions I had (and also the money associated with those procedures). My recovery went perfectly; no infections, professional bandaging, etc. I naturally had some pain especially from the jaw bone reduction, and Dr. Lee proactively called me almost daily to ensure my comfort. His follow ups were reassuring as I felt in good hands with Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee excels as both a plastic surgeon surgeon and is a true artist with soft tissue work. I would recommend his services to a family member! ~ YELP

I was Referred to Dr. Harrison Lee by a Good friend. I came in for consultation for facial feminization surgery (FFS). That included forehead reduction, jaw and chin reduction, rhinoplasty, and the shaving of the Adam’s apple. He made me feel so at ease that I booked my appointment the following week. The procedure took about six hours Or more. It took me about a whole month to recover fully. I am very pleased with the results. I’m actually getting my second facial feminization done next week With Dr. Harrison Lee as well. That’s going to consist of a Eyebrow lift, Cheek implants, jaw reduction and chin implant. I am very excited this time around, Only because I am more specific and know what I want exactly. I am very excited. Dr. Lee is the best and I only trust him. ~ RealSelf

I recently had a consultation with Dr. Harrison Lee. He is very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. His office manager is efficient, sweet, and wonderful and overall been a great help! For years I have considered plastic surgery. Although some may not agree with this choice-it is a personal choice, not all about vanity, but understanding that people who are struggling with their self-image and desire improvements so that they can be in harmony with how they feel about themselves.

I have finally saved up enough to go forth with the surgery next month. After doing extensive research, I have decided to choose Dr. Harrison Lee. ( Especially after seeing the incredibly stunning reveal of Caitlyn Jenner). I am excited and nervous, however, my heart and mind is finally ready in hopes for a new beginning. I will be documenting my plastic surgery journey on my blog after surgery. I will update soon:) ~ YELP

Dr. Harrison Lee is an outstanding plastic surgeon.  He did dermabrasion on a hypertropic scar on my chin line which visibly improved its appearance.  His staff was also very professional, kind, and caring. ~ YELP

If you are like me and use Botox to keep from looking like a Klingon, Dr. Lee is your man. He is a great listener and asks questions about the look you are hoping to achieve to make sure you are on the same page. He can give you the waxy  dead-faced Beverly Hill’s starlet look if you want but also can do minor injections that just lessen the severity of worry lines and prevent new ones from occurring.  He did my mom’s facelift and she looks beautiful and young – not like Barbie’s mom.  Highly recommend. ~ Google

From start to finish my entire experience With Dr. Lee was top notch!  I went in for a consult for and was beyond pleased.  Not just the results, but the steps to get there.  He took the time to get to know what I was hoping to achieve, what I liked, and what I didn’t like.  This well rounded view ensured he was able to reach the outcome I desired.  The front office staff does a fabulous job ensuring your comfort and confirming your appointments. ~ YELP

He thoroughly understood my requests…as this rhinoplasty was rather specific. He went over my long list of questions as many times as I needed him too. SO attentive, professional and skilled. Everyone at the office is amazing. The most important thing about Dr. Lee is his technique. After getting numerous consultations and seeing the before and after photos, I am so glad this is the doctor I went with, as my case wasn’t easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience……….thaaaaaaaaank you so much!!! ~ YELP

Dr. Lee is the best doctor I have met.   He is considerate, nice, professional and the best plastic surgeon. He corrected a bad plastic surgery surgery that I had done a few years back and also did a breast reduction. The results were great on both instances. Dr. Lee and his staff, including the surgery staff, are all top notch… friendly and very professional.  I am a very nervous person and Dr. Lee took his time to ensure that I was comfortable with my decisions and the surgery. I recommend Dr. Lee. He is a great person and a great surgeon. ~ YELP

Great overall experience. Fantastic results ~ RateMDs

Dr. Lee is the best plastic surgeon ever! Dr Lee and his staff are all very nice and accommodating. I had a really good experience with my surgery with Dr. Lee. It was my very first surgery and I felt very comfortable and at ease. I love my surgery results and am even considering to get more things done! I had already referred friends and family and they all had a great experience with him. Thank you Dr Lee! ~ YELP

Dr. Lee is an amazing meticulous surgeon. I’ve had my eyes and nose done with him, and am very happy with the work he’s done. After his great work on my face, it has boosted my ego sky high! He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. If you are looking for a great surgeon, I would highly recommend Dr. Harrison Lee. His staff is very accommodating and professional. I will definitely be making a visit again soon and will be referring him to all my family and friends. Thank you again Dr. Lee! ~ YELP

I showed up for my plastic surgery and went through the whole procedure with flying colors, anesthesia was a breeze and transportation home was met with no problems. All proper medications were taken as well Arnica Montana and Bromelain (started two days before surgery). No bruising whatsoever and some swelling, this is always to be expected from these surgeries.

Ever since my plastic surgery, I have been extremely happy with how I look and I am able to get through my day, Dr. Lee and all the staff involved with my surgery did so well, I am so happy and look forward to the future. I recommend Dr. Lee, he really is the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and I will only allow him to work on any cosmetic needs I may have in the future. ~ RealSelf

He was one of the nicest doctors / plastic surgeons I have ever met. ~ Vitals

I am very happy person, I want to go out more and be crazy at weekends but my work does not allowed me to behave like that as responsibility always plays in front of me all day long.

I am happy and proud to be a transsexual. Everywhere I go people are very kind to me, epecially my family doctors who are very helpfully & kind. My customers all very happy with me and I am so proud to be among them.

Over the last six years I have learned to tango dance and now I am very good Argentine tango dancer.

Last year and the year before I went to USA to do my FFS (facial feminisation surgery). I love to thank the surgeon, Dr. Harrison Lee from Beverly Hills, who did my face.

Nowadays I do go everywhere but I especially like to go one place: the Wayout Club. This is home for us and at the end of the day we all belong there. ~ Reviewed in Rose’s Repartee magazine by Samantha.