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As we age the elasticity of our skin diminishes and platysma muscles loosen. This can result in the appearance of sagging skin often referred to as “Turkey Neck” and the appearance of vertical bands in the neck area.  Weight loss can also have this same effect.

Neck Lift surgery can include tightening and removal of excess skin, removal of unwanted fat that may have gathered in the neck area, as well as tightening of the platysma bands.

This procedure can enhance your facial structure and provide a more youthful appearance. In some cases, a Neck Lift alone may not address a patient’s concerns and a facelift may be recommended in conjunction with a Neck Lift to achieve an overall desired result.

Neck Model

What Are the Benefits of Neck Lift?

A Neck Lift can result in an overall more youthful appearance enhancing both the frontal and side profile of a person’s face. After a Neck Lift many patients feel more confident about their appearance, and many have commented that they no longer feel it necessary to wear a turtleneck sweater to hide the appearance of their aging neckline.

How Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

Board Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, and Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery), Dr. Lee is the most qualified and experienced surgeon to entrust with your Neck Lift surgery. Dr. Lee will utilize several techniques for your surgery based on your specific needs. Neck Lift incisions are typically hidden in the hairline and behind the ears. A small incision may be made beneath the chin, in a well-hidden area, if platysma band tightening warrants this.


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How Long Is Neck Lift Surgery Recovery?

During the initial days of your recovery, you may experience some soreness, swelling, and bruising. Typically, the majority of these symptoms subside within the first two weeks; however, the healing process continues over the next few months. Patients generally report minimal pain with this procedure, and, with Dr. Lee’s approval, most are able to resume normal activities after four weeks.

When Will I See My Neck Lift Surgery Results?

Most patients will see a significant improvement about the time the sutures are removed. However, swelling and internal healing will continue. Final results may not be seen for several months.

  • Will I have scars after my Neck Lift surgery?

    All surgical procedures carry the risk of scarring. However, Dr. Lee’s perfected technique is to place the incision in areas that will be well hidden.

  • Can Neck Lift surgery improve my overall appearance?

    Dr. Lee is a skilled facial plastic surgeon with a keen eye for aesthetic proportions and harmony of the face. While Neck Lift surgery improves the overall appearance of the neck area, some patients may need a facelift in conjunction with a Neck Lift to achieve the full aesthetic result they desire.

  • Will my Neck Lift surgery results be permanent?

    The results of your Neck Lift surgery are designed to reduce the appearance of aging in the neck area. However, your neck area will continue to age as you age. Barring any unusual circumstances your neck area will never look as old as it would have had Neck Lift surgery not been performed Weight gain and loss can also affect the long-term results of Neck Lift surgery, so it is best to consider this when pursuing this procedure.


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