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Your nose is a central feature of your face, defining your appearance, profile, and often linked to your ethnicity. Rhinoplasty surgery is an option for various reasons, including cosmetic purposes, addressing the aftermath of an injury, or correcting a defect. This surgical procedure involves reshaping or enhancing your natural nose to achieve specific desired results. Additionally, rhinoplasty can be undertaken to correct deformities or to repair and restructure the nose following a prior injury.

Rhinoplasty Model

How Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?

Dr. Lee will utilize several techniques for your surgery based on your specific needs. Depending on the desired results the surgery can be a closed Rhinoplasty (no external incisions) or an open Rhinoplasty where a small incision is made at the base of the nose where it connects to the face. Rhinoplasty surgery also can involve the use of grafts or implants.  All of this is dependent on the original nose shape and the desired results.  In certain cases, incisions may be made at the corners of the nose to reduce the with at the base of the nose.  Based on Dr. Lee’s skill and expertise in Rhinoplasty surgery these incisions are typically hardly visible once healed.

How Long Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery?

For the first few days of your recovery, you may experience some soreness, a stuffy feeling in your nose, and trouble breathing. This will usually subside within a few days. You will have a cast on your nose which will remain for two weeks and if any incisions are made the sutures are usually removed after one week.

You may have swelling and bruising.  The majority of this usually subsides by the time the cast is removed; however, you will continue to heal over the next few months. Patients usually experience minimal pain with this procedure, and most can resume normal activities within two weeks, based on Dr. Lee’s approval.

When Will I See My Rhinoplasty Surgery Results?

Most patients will see a significant change directly after surgery while others will have a better idea once the cast is removed. However, swelling and internal healing will continue. Final results may not be seen for several months.


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Rhinoplasty Model

Rhinoplasty Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have scars after my Rhinoplasty surgery?

All surgical procedures carry the risk of scarring. However, based on Dr. Lee’s skill and expertise in Rhinoplasty surgery these incisions are typically hardly visible once healed.

Can Rhinoplasty surgery improve my overall appearance?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested surgeries that in some cases can completely transform a person’s appearance. Whether you are looking for a subtle change or something transforming, Dr. Lee can help you evaluate your facial structure and what is needed to achieve your desired result.

Will my Rhinoplasty surgery results be permanent?

The results of your Rhinoplasty are considered permanent.  However, one must consider nature whereby your nose continues to grow minimally throughout your lifetime.


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