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Thyroid Cartilage Shave Model

Thyroid Cartilage Shave In Beverly Hills & NYC

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A prominent Adam’s apple is often a concern for patients. A thyroid cartilage reduction (often referred to as “Adam’s Apple Reduction” or a “Trachea Shave”) can resolve this issue by giving the appearance of a smoother neckline.

Though this facial plastic surgery is most commonly performed on transgender women undergoing FFS, it is also performed on men who are uncomfortable with the girth of their Adam’s Apple.

“I can give no higher recommendation then to state that if you are considering FFS look no further then Dr. Harrison Lee – a true pioneer and expert in the field. His Beverly Hills office is beautiful, amazingly clean, pristine, and all I can say is that Dr. Lee is as good at plastic surgery as he is at hiring staff, setting up an office, and creating a feel-good atmosphere. From initial consultation to post-operative consultations and everything in between he (and his staff) made themselves consistently available. My results are simply incredible.” ~


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Thyroid Cartilage Shave Model

Thyroid Cartilage Shave

Adam’s Apples are found on both women and men, they just show up more prominently in men as a chunk of bony cartilage that’s wrapped around the larynx. The Adam’s Apple is actually a projecting prominence of the thyroid cartilage, and during puberty, boys develop this cartilage more than girls.

With this surgery, the thyroid cartilage is surgically altered to reduce the size and noticeability of the Adam’s Apple. A trachea shave (thyroid cartilage shave) is one of the simplest surgeries but it must be performed meticulously by a specialist such as Dr. Harrison Lee.

The best part of Adam’s Apple reduction surgery is that the results are permanent and with minimal (if any) visible scarring.


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