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Facial Silicone Removal In Beverly Hills & NYC

Award-winning, celebrity facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, New York City, and Dubai

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Although the triple board certified facial plastic surgeon never injects free silicone, he is one of the few facial plastic surgeons in the world that is tremendously experienced at removing it. If you’re suffering from the repercussions of silicone injections, he may be able to help.

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“Around December /November I had permanent filler done on my face by a Brazilian Dr in New york. She is a real Dr. who comes to NY twice a year to inject what she calls bioplastique, which is a permanent filler approved in the European Union (but i think she lies and charges an arm and a leg for silicone). Anyway, in November I went to see this Brazilian dr because i wanted a touch up since my cheekbone looked uneven. he ended up putting too much and then to compensate because my cheeks looked huge (i already have high cheekbones) she put it all over the place. Well, overnight i went from pretty to ugly with a huge face. to make matters worse, my face some days would swell up making me look even rounder. I went as far as to see her in Brazil, in an act of denial and desperation, to try and get rid of it. ” ~ Realself


Results That Speak for Themselves

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Silicone Model

Over the years people have sought ways to improve their appearance without going under the knife. Injected Silicone, as well as Bio-Alcamid™, seemed to be the answer to many people’s quest in finding an almost permanent nonsurgical way of reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and plumping areas of the face and body for a more voluptuous look.

Today, many of those people are now realizing the negative effects these products are having on their appearance and their life. Although many people have had successful results, more and more people are now realizing that these materials can migrate, metastasize or result in pain, swelling, and disfiguration. Because of this, Dr. Harrison Lee offers facial silicone removal at both his Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) and NYC (Manhattan, New York) plastic surgery practices.

Dr. Harrison Lee is well known for his skills in removing both Silicone and Bio-Alcamid™ from injected sites ranging from the face and breast area. His skills and success in this area were a featured segment on the television show “EXTRA”.

His patients, ranging from celebrities to homemakers, seek his expertise in silicone removal to improve the often unflattering appearance that can result when the injectable shifts from the original injection site. International patients also consult with him regarding the removal of Bio-Alcamid™, a facial injectable touted as a permanent filler.

As a result of his outstanding reputation in this area, Dr. Lee is one of the most sought-after surgeons worldwide for Silicone and Bio-Alcamid™ removal.


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