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Chin Augmentation Model

Chin Augmentation and Genioplasty Surgery In Beverly Hills, CA

Over the years, many have realized that the size, projection, and shape of the chin influence the rest of one’s facial proportions.

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When your chin does not fit your face or your perception of your appearance and whatever beauty ideal one prefers, it can be challenging to feel confident and self-assured.

Dr. Harrison Lee is triple board certified with decades of experience specializing in plastic surgery of the face, including chin surgery. If you want to change the size or shape of your chin, Dr. Lee can provide balance and symmetry, improving the proportions of your entire face. Whether that means chin augmentation surgery to create a more defined, sculpted lower profile or chin reduction surgery to soften lines and create a more pleasing contour, Dr. Lee can help.

Chin Augmentation Model

What Is Chin Surgery?

Plastic surgery of the chin or “genioplasty” is a surgical procedure that reshapes the chin either by enhancement through implants or reduction through surgery of the bone.

Surgically altering your chin’s position, size, and shape dramatically alters how your neck and nose appear, especially from the profile view. This highly gratifying surgery yields remarkable results.

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What Are the Benefits of Chin Surgery?

Whether you are interested in augmenting the size of your chin or minimizing it, Dr. Lee can create a more pleasing profile that complements your whole face. Either chin augmentation surgery or chin reduction surgery can give different patients the look they desire. Benefits of chin surgery include:

Chin Augmentation

  • Corrects a weak, underdeveloped chin.
  • Gives the lower face a more extended, aesthetically pleasing triangular appearance.
  • Creates a strong chin, a more attractive neck profile, and reduces the double chin appearance.

Chin Reduction

  • Creates a more cohesive balance to the facial proportions
  • Highlights contours and sculpted definition
  • Can provide a more feminine and softened profile


Results That Speak for Themselves

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What Are My Chin Surgery Options?

During your comprehensive, confidential surgical consultation with Dr. Lee, you can discuss your precise goals for your chin surgery. You likely already have an idea of whether you want a chin augmentation or reduction. Dr. Lee will be able to create a unique surgical plan specific to your needs, with careful consideration of your physical anatomy and desired results.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

A well-defined chin helps to provide balance to the face and creates an aesthetically pleasing profile. Chin implant surgery augments the chin area to improve the shape and overall appearance of the face.

During your chin augmentation consultation, Dr. Harrison Lee will discuss the changes that you would like to make. He will explain the different chin implant sizes and shapes available to you, the procedure itself, and its risks and limitations.

Chin implants are often performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty to help balance the proportions of the face. For some older patients, a facelift is frequently elected in conjunction with chin implants, again to improve the symmetry of the face.

Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin reduction surgery ultimately transforms one’s appearance and creates more aesthetically pleasing proportionate features.

In most cases, Dr. Lee will perform this surgery by shaving the bone and the soft tissues. Through a combination of science and artistry, Dr. Lee will shape an ideal profile that complements the rest of your facial proportions.

Chin Augmentation Model

Am I a Candidate for Chin Surgery?

If you want to change the projection, size, or shape of your chin and either augment or reduce your chin for a more pleasing, contoured appearance, chin surgery from Dr. Lee may be for you.

Optimal candidates should also be generally in good health, be nonsmokers, and have realistic expectations for results.

While chin surgery is a meticulous procedure that enhances through subtle changes, it can dramatically affect the patient’s entire profile. With Dr. Lee’s eye for beauty and surgical skills, you will be in good hands.

How Is Chin Surgery Performed?

Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, and Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery), Dr. Lee is the most qualified and experienced surgeon to entrust with your chin surgery. Dr. Lee will utilize several techniques for your chin surgery based on your specific needs.

Chin Augmentation

Dr. Lee will either make a small incision underneath the chin, in the natural crease between the chin and the neck, or inside the mouth where the gums and lower lip meet. Most patients will be placed under general anesthesia for optimum comfort. Once the incisions are made, Dr. Lee will place an implant that will be customized according to the size and shape of your face.

Chin Reduction

Dr. Harrison Lee’s approach to chin reduction surgery typically involves a combination of reduction of the bony chin and soft tissues overlying the bone. The incision is hidden in a natural crease under the chin.  This procedure typically involves shaving down the bone with a drill and reducing the soft tissue component of the chin. The underlying mentalis muscle may require shortening. Special sutures are used for softening the chin tissues over the newly sculpted chin.

How Much Does Chin Surgery Cost?

The cost of your chin surgery will depend on various factors, including the technique Dr. Lee uses, the additional cost of implants, and the extent of revision necessary. As each procedure is meticulously curated for each patient, cost is determined after the surgical plan is created and approved. You will receive an accurate cost estimate once you and Dr. Lee agree on a treatment plan.

How Long Is Chin Surgery Recovery?

Chin surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis, so you can return home after your procedure. Since you will be recovering from anesthesia, you must have someone drive you home. Dr. Lee will provide detailed postoperative instructions to ensure proper healing and care.

For the first few days of your recovery, you may experience some soreness and may have dressings over your incision. You may also need to maintain a soft or liquid food diet, and it’s important to rest as much as possible.

After about one to two weeks, you may have some swelling and bruising, but your pain should be minimal. You should be able to resume normal activities with Dr. Lee’s approval.


When Will I See My Chin Surgery Results?

Most chin surgery patients can see minor results immediately following surgery, as their chin will either be more prominent or reduced. Once any dressings are removed and swelling has gone down, about three weeks postoperative, you should begin to see more dramatic results.

Full results may take several weeks as your body continues to heal and adjust to any new implants.

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  • Will I have scars after my chin surgery?

    All surgical procedures carry the risk of scarring. However, Dr. Lee will either place the incision underneath your chin, leaving any possible scars hidden, or the incision will be inside the mouth.

    In either case, chin surgery does not involve easily visible, large scars.

  • Can chin surgery improve the look of my jaw?

    Chin augmentation and chin reduction surgery can dramatically change the overall profile and projection of the face, including the appearance of the neck and jaw. However, chin surgery does not directly change or alter the jaw itself. If you want to create a stronger jawline or reshape your jawline, discuss your jaw surgery options with Dr. Lee during your consultation.

    Dr. Lee is a skilled facial plastic surgeon with a keen eye for aesthetic proportions and harmony of the face. If you want to combine your chin surgery with any other procedures, Dr. Lee can advise you on what can help you achieve your goals.

  • Is chin surgery common for FFS?

    Chin surgery is an entirely personal decision that dramatically changes your overall facial balance and harmony. Chin surgery is also a popular choice for Dr. Lee’s FFS patients as this particular procedure can significantly enhance and feminize the structure of the face. However, chin surgery is not just for patients looking for facial feminization. It can be an excellent choice for patients who wish to transform their chin’s size, projection, and profile.

  • Will my chin surgery results be permanent?

    The results of your chin reduction or chin augmentation surgery are intended to be permanent.

    During your chin reduction, Dr. Lee will remove existing bone and tissue that will not grow back. You may have increased skin or fat around the area as you age or through weight gain, but the underlying structures will not change.

    Chin implants are designed to last a lifetime. Unlike breast implants, they do not need to be removed or changed. Unless you require your implant to be removed, chin augmentation surgery provides permanent results.


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